I'm still on my overseas adventure...where I'll end up I'm not sure, but I'm willing to find out! :)

Monday, October 1, 2007

Roll out the red carpet...

I'm coming home! YAY! In just under two weeks I will be back downunder... after what has been an experience I will remember forever! I have barely touched the surface when it comes to seeing the places I had planned to... but that just means another adventure hopefully won't be too far off.


1. Meeting my Grandma for the first time ever, and also seeing where Dad grew up in Toledo, Ohio was a moment I will cherish forever. Words can't describe how much that part of the trip meant to me!

2. The first time I turned on my snowboard! Thanks to Rach I conquered that fear..!

3. New York City.... everything about it! Form the lights of Times Square, to the heights of the Empire State Building... and walking through Central Park! Amazing!

Other favourite memories...

Having my first ever white christmas in Whistler.... and thanks to Mon, Cath, Rach, John and Lee we managed to make it as special as you can when your away from home!

Being on the yacht (thanks to Bonnie).... from learning all the terminology, to tying lines, to just enjoying the views of the places we got to cruise too.... its been an adventure!

Funniest moment...

The taxi fight that Bonnie and I witnessed in Boston! You had to be there... but basically one driver wasn't happy that the other driver came to get us and he started pushing and cursing the man in front of the supermarket! The angry driver then told us we were going with him and tried to take our bags and put them in his cab! Lets just say we didnt go with him!

I have a few other taxi driver moments... including one man who got out his electric razor while driving! hehe... He was a character!

Worst moment...

When my little nephew Jack had to be taken by ambulance to a New York City Hospital... thankfully he was ok! And the bright side is that we all got a ride in a NYC ambulance!

I could think of story after story to write... but within a matter of weeks I'll be able to talk to you all face-to-face, and hope to be able to share more stories of my adventures then!


run bethy run...

It has been a while since I have posted anything, so I figure why not give you all a photographic tour of what I get to see every day during my morning jog in Boston! Enjoy...

Leave the boat at around 730am...careful not to fall into the water while still trying to wake up!

Head through this harbour side park... normally full of early morning walkers or people on their way to work!
Head down the street past the gym... where I try and get to each afternoon!

Past "The Sail Loft".... one of my favourite bars!
Around this construction site... where the traffic policeman stands each and every morning, smiling at me while holding his starbucks!

I then venture past the north end baseball field....and through another park, where I try not to breathe in too much to avoid a wift of the stench from the group of homeless people who call it home!
The park is one of many that run along the banks of the Charles River...(also where NFL hottie Tom Brady lives- too bad he isn't an early morning runner!)

Fishermen make the most of the early morning... always giving me a wave, as I make my way to the bridge!
I always seem to run a little faster when I get to this section of the bridge... go figure!
At the half-way mark now... I head past this restaurant/bar where I've always wanted to go but never got around to it.
Through yet another park... where the designer gets credit for paying alot of attention to detail! Back over the bridge.... past the Charles River again! And then....
argh... why I put myself through the pain at this point I don't know...

there's a rush of achievement that makes it worth while...

I then head down the hill to Hanover Street.... heart of the Italian quarter!

Past the fire station... where the firemen are always sitting out the front greeting everyone!

I then dodge in and out of the old Italian men... always gossiping out the front of a popular cafe!

A new edition... this park is right in the middle of a major roadway!

Onto this street that was empty today... but come Friday and Saturday it is full of stalls for the farmers markets!

I then take my life into my own hands.... crossing here... where drivers dont stop! (its not law here to stop for pedestrians!)

At this point my legs are normally hurting... but because Im getting closer to the end, I speed up heading through Fanueil Hall!

past Tia's... another favourite drinking hole!

Getting to this point I can't help but smile to myself... I am metres from finishing! (you can see the yacht at the back, through the sail boats!) I walk down the dock under the watchful eyes of tourists lining the harbour... who look as if they are trying to work out if the girl with the cap and big sunnies heading to the big yacht is anyone famous... I wish!

Yay... huffing and puffing I stumble up the stairs... ready to start the day!

Hope you enjoyed that run as much as I did! :)

Friday, July 27, 2007

Crusing through Maine...

Maine.... in three words I would describe it as GREEN, WILDERNESS, and FRESH! Each and every town we ventured to over the past two weeks has just blown me away.

First stop... Kennebunkport (or Kennysbumport as Bonnie calls it) where Sr George Bush has a vacation home! Its a small town, but very quaint and full of friendly people.

one of the scenes from our stay in Kennebunkport... oh so lovely, even in the fog!
heading out of Kennebunkport...

Second stop... Portland, where a mass of seagulls greeted us! Portland is known as a commercial fishing area, and the birds were there for lunch! There are also plenty of historical buildings... awesome cafes (one that Bonnie and I came across had a VERY spunky barista!) and a great vibe!

Third stop... as we moved along the towns just got better and better! From Portland we headed to Boothbay- where I tried my first EVER lobster!!!!! Yes I actually pulled off the legs and everything (those who know me, know that I am not a fan of eating things with eyes!)

first fish... now lobster... Bonnie is getting me to eat everything I never thought I'd like!

Bonnie... contemplating life, on a walk to the main town

we were docked right near a church that would play a chime song every hour... so beautiful in a location like Boothbay!
me.. listening to the chimes!
I haven't posted too many photos of the boat... this one I like!

the giant fisherman... and me!

salt water taffy is everywhere over here...

some of the stores were so quirky!

lobster pods...
me hard at work, untying the tender!

Fourth stop... Camden! All I can say about this town is that the people are so friendly, they have plenty of markets, and its oh so GREEN!!! I went on a hike through Camden Hills State Park one afternoon... amazing.the beginning of the walk...or a hike/climb as I soon found out!

About one hour into it... will I ever make it!

Oh yes I did... and the view was wonderful!
a panoramic view of the town below... it sits at the bottom of three mountains!

Our final stop on the Maine trip was Bar Harbor... I have read about it, but never could have imagined how gorgeous and green it is! Bonnie, Dave and I were lucky enough to get an afternoon off, and so we headed out on a sunset kayak... I'll let the pictures do the talking!

hi-ho hi-ho its off to work we go...!

wow... the sunset was unbelievable.... being out there with nothing but the ocean and birds to hear!

Dave, Bonnie and I...


As you can see we had a great time cruising through Maine... I really do hope that one day I visit again!

Miss you all xoxo

Take me out to the ball game...

Play ball... so Dave, Bonnie and I headed out to a baseball game in Boston! The red sox are a huge deal everywhere we have been... so we headed to Fenway Park...tracked down a scalper... payed way too much money for our tickets... I bought myself a foam hand... and so the night began...

the excitement is building... the sox were taking on Baltimore Orioles!

already into the beers... Bonnie and I were getting into the spirit!
I was the envy of all the kids around me... they all wanted a foam finger! cool hey!?!

Fenway Park was packed...

With the time we have been able to explore Boston (I actually like it a little better than New York City... its a lot more manageable, but just as funky!) we went on a tour ride... here's some pics of the city!

A random liquor store that had an Aussie flag out the front.... makes you feel so proud! :)

there were so many historical buildings, churches, galleries etc...

Bonnie and I in Faneuil Hall market place... its where we found our fav American store- Urban Outfitters!

more of Faneuil Hall...

As you can see we enjoyed Boston a lot... and we will hopefully be based there for at least a month at the end of the season! can't wait!
Love to you all xoxo